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Elementary Schools


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Churchill and Hoover Elementary Schools are located in Northeast Rochester. Churchill | Hoover can be described as one school, but two sites. Churchill serves students in grades K-2, while Hoover is just down the hill and serves students in grades 3-5. An addition was added to Hoover in fall 2018 of 21 classrooms to meet the needs of our Early Learning students. Collectively, these schools serve just a bit more than 650 early learning and K-5 students. Go, Huskies!



We work to create positive learning habits.

Invest in the future.

Our school works in many ways to better our community and our students.

Technology in the Classroom.

Technology is integrated into our curriculum to help prepare our students for their future. As technology develops, so does our curriculum.

Our mission is...

To inspire, challenge, and empower all students.


Learning beyond the classroom.

Churchill and Hoover offer learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom with sports, clubs, and fine arts opportunities.


Learning to explore new things.

Contact Us

Emily Pearson | Email

Assistant Principal:
Charlene Hasz| Email

Churchill Main Office: (507) 328-3150
Churchill Attendance Line: (507) 328-3151
Churchill Nurse: (507) 328-3162

Churchill Office Manager: 
Jean Larson | (507) 328-3150

Hoover Main Office: (507) 328-3450
Hoover Attendance Line: (507) 328-3451
Hoover Nurse: (507) 328-3468

Hoover Office Manager: 
Kathie Skaar | (507) 328-3450